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What is Radical Writing and How Does It Work?

Radical Writing is a three-part online course, each part four weeks long. After completing Part I you can take Part II and/or Part III.

guaranteeing your anonymity. The purpose of this to encourage you to feel that you can express yourself freely and safely; and to gain insight via others’ writing. The bulletin board is a safe community for revelation.

One evening a week, Laura conducts a group teleconference via an 800 number. It is recorded for the benefit of those who miss the call or wish to listen again.

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The course requires NO writing experience or expertise. The work simply involves a willingness to hear your inner voices without censorship or judgment and to allow your passions to safely direct you toward a new way of experiencing your life.

Something potent happens when you allow your fingers— rather than your mind — to express your ideas and emotions. You liberate your creativity. You gain perspective. You breathe...and thereby perpetuate

physical and emotional healing.

Writing in the free and exaggerated way Radical Writing teaches produces the fictions, rather than the facts, that lead us to our inner truths and their effortless telling.

Each day an online lesson is both broadcast audibly and published on your computer screen. Laura discusses the topic and assigns exercises for which you will apply Radical Writing’s simple technique. After completing the exercises, you will post your writing on the secure website bulletin board under a screen name, thereby


MONDAY October 5th, 2015


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Laura Cerwinske


Laura Cerwinske is a writer, artist, and publisher who has been studying and teaching transformational process for more than 40 years. She is the author of more than 20 books, published by such prestigious inter­national houses as Rizzoli International, Thames and Hudson, Bantam, Dell, Doubleday, and Simon and Schuster, and is the publisher of Blue Hair Lady Publishing, a series of books and art work that weave memoir and mythology, metaphysics and healing.


Her students praise Radical Writing as a powerful catalyst for personal insight and expressive liberation.

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