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The Daily Compass

365 Phrases to Prompt Your Imagination, Liberate Your Self-Expression,
and Explore Your Subconscious in 5-minutes or One-Page-a-Day

Following the success of her master’s class in creativity and writing, Radical Writing, Laura Cerwinske introduces THE DAILY COMPASS, the internet’s simplest and fastest online program in Creative Power Building. In this creative writing forum, Laura offers a daily phrase crafted to prompt the imagination and liberate self-expression in 5-minutes-a-day or less. Participation requires no previous writing experience or expertise whatsoever.

The results of the brief daily writing are expressive fluidity and growing ease of self-reflection. Creative thought and action become more spontaneous. Writers find they can give shape to their ideas and voice to their thoughts and feelings without hesitation or self-censorship. The anonymous postings of participants’ writing creates a community of shared insight. Because no one is identified except by screen name, writers experience the liberation of publicly expressing themselves in a safe forum. The contrasts and compassion are deeply transforming.

Laura Cerwinske is a writer, artist, and the author of more than 20 books on creativity and spirituality. See more about Laura, including Radical Writing, her art work, and her bibliography at: and


THE DAILY COMPASS uses the same stream-of-consciousness technique as RADICAL WRITING to explore your thoughts, liberate your feelings, and lubricate your imagination. The course provides a thought/phrase each day that prompts your access to the subconscious and requires only 15-minutes or less and one page of writing, either by hand or keyboard. By anonymously posting your writing on The Daily Compass bulletin board, you gain the benefits of safely expressing yourself publicly and the broadening that comes with reading what others have written. Posting is optional.

   You need have NO writing experience or expertise. The work simply involves a willingness to hear your inner voices without censorship or judgment and to allow your passions to safely direct you toward a new way of experiencing your life.ach day you will place your hands on the page or keyboard and begin writing whatever words are

prompted by the day’s phrase. Continue writing whatever comes out your mind and through your fingers WITHOUT STOPPING TO CORRECT ANYTHING. Allow words and thoughts to flow uninterrupted. Nothing needs to make sense. Do not edit yourself or search for the ”right“ word. Simply keep your fingers moving without any regard for spelling, punctuation, or grammar. You are not writing for publication, but to lubricate the mechanism of self-communication. After you have completed one page, you can go back ONLY to correct spelling or make legible something that is garbled. NO OTHER CHANGES. If you make a Freudian slip, LEAVE IT. These are valuable in your communication with yourself.

   Finally, if you are more comfortable writing in a language other than English, by all means, do.


MONDAY October 5th, 2015

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