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As catalysts of spiritual growth, crises bring us the power to transcend fear.

Crisis galvanizes attention. By destroying our perceived equilibrium, by disrupting our accustomed scenery, by ripping apart the accepted, day-to-day plotline of our personal stories, crisis insists on the exercise of spiritual muscle. By propelling shifts in our perspective, it offers new insight and meaning – the most potent antidotes to terror or grief. Crisis creates potent opportunities for re-viewing our lives and for restoring our power by rewriting our stories.

Dealing with Crisis and an Age of Tumultous Change includes an audio lecture that is also published as on-screen text. You can listen and read if you like, or you can download and print the class. Following the lecture, I will give a series of assignments designed to guide you through a process of self-exploration. The effects alter your perceptions of  crisis -- and thereby its power over you.
The class will be conducted using the same writing technique we use in my online course RADICAL WRITING. For those not familiar with the technique, I’ll provide instruction. Registrants are also enrolled for inclusion in a free joint phone conference in which you can ask questions and discuss your experiences. 
As part of the course, you will have access to a forum page where, if you are willing, you’ll post your writing anonymously (via a screen name). The purpose of this forum is twofold: posting your writing builds your confidence in your ability to express yourself freely and safely; and reading the writing of others broadens your perspective on your individual situation. Furthermore, the combination of writing, posting, and reading the assignments elevates you neuro/physically, catalyzing emotional release. In other words, as you radically write about crisis, you begin to feel liberated. 

Dealing with Crisis and an Age of Tumultous Change is designed to allow you to explore your fears and find your way at your own pace. You can take this class in one sitting or in several and at whatever times of the day or night are most convenient. The phone conference takes place via an 800 number on a date and time that will be given you upon registration. The call will be recorded so that anyone who is unable to participate at the appointed time can listen later at their convenience. The recording is available for 30 days after the call.



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