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The Radical Writing course helped me so much in preparing for National Novel Writing Month. The writing is so fast your head spins and by so doing, out fly brilliant super-centrifuged thoughts and ideas.

Cecile Somers

Thank you for creating the environment for me to get words out of my head. My heart is opening now as I wish for you all of the abundance the Universe is sending us.

I live in Miami now - you were part of the reality that affected my vision for my life. It took me over 40 years to get here and I am sooooo grateful that I made it in this lifetime.

Sandra Sheer

Yes, art as spiritual practice – Radical Writing has helped me to see and experience this much more clearly.

Liz Dolton

The writing is amazing. Even my heart is racing. It’s just a hoot to walk around following my chest. Only two weeks ago, I totally doubted that I even had one. Wishing for you all the blessings you create 1000x more (or better)...


This process gives me strength to be able to have a full spectrum of emotions in a few days, and to be aware of each of them. 

Again, thanks for putting your RW out there, where I can look inside, pull things out, look at them, and then put them in new places within me. A great opportunity for growth!

Marcia Saipe


I think sometimes there is magic in writing these things down, and we unhinge the universe ever so gently, and our stars realign and those we love get in touch and touch our hearts. Or something.

Cecile Somers, 2015


Thank you so much for the Radical Writing Course. It is exceptional and I feel it is enriching my life tremendously. I am opening up to feelings and thoughts that I have been well aware of in the past. However, my overview is expanding and my heart is growing in the process. I am moving toward a greater freedom. I expect that it will have a profound influence on all aspects of my life. I am so grateful.Thank you.

Coney Island Guy

I am just gasping at the amazement of the uncovering of this very old old story I've clung on to forever that's really been in my way of living my life fully ... your writing process should be a curriculum in all high school levels ... but as you say: everyone comes to their truth on their own time and in their own way ... I feel like i'm growing up ... at 58 years old. The process kept me at it every day and the delivery of subject matter allowed for such exposure of any depth iIwanted to go. It gave me a space to dwell amongst the embers of my lonely thoughts and my life a sane connection to myself.

Donna E., Nantucket

For a mere $75, this course is priceless.

Marcia Saipe,

I felt so constricted as I began writing... the ache of not wanting to see the stories and the pain that come with them... hearing the voices

of judgment and shame that call my stories stupid or shameful and no one wants to hear the pitiful story inside me. As I allowed myself to write, I felt relief and some relaxation flow into my body... I was relieved that I could find another beginning and another ending the the stories that felt meaningful... not just some pretend wannabe scenario that I have thought of before but never gave me any freedom from my story. This time I saw the difference in the beginning and the ending happening in me. The behavior outside of me which hurt remained the same... but I saw it differently, processed it differently which gave me the power to move forward differently in my life. My stomach released, the tension in my shoulders lessened... my writing flowed more easily. The stuck door got greased and started swinging more easily.

Lori McCarter

I just finished Day 5 of the course. The real joy in doing it is the realizations that comes from the questions you have posed. The experience has been a revisiting many of the issues I have dealt with to varying degrees in therapy for the past 40 odd years. This has felt refreshing in so far as the challenges you have posed led to greater insight in my part.

Too often it is easy to get caught up in the day to day details, even in therapy. Your course challenged me to look at the bigger picture. Often I did not want to write the assignment, but felt committed despite my desire to choose the easy way out.

As you know, this is a time of great difficulty for me in my life. The challenges have been exceedingly difficult and have been compressed into an unbelievably small period of time. I have felt overwhelmed emotionally and wondered if I had the energy to complete your course. But I do feel proud. I am nearing the finish line of Part One.

 Coney Island Guy

My compliments to you for putting together a great challenging package. My participation was timely as my youngest sister began chemo treatments for her recently discovered breast cancer, and I have just finished moving my mother into a Retirement Residence, which meant that she has parted with many objects that she has lived with for most of her long life. Also, for her it means a nearing end that will be measured only in years, not decades. Today, using your exaggerated method of going to the furthest edge, I was able to hellp her realize how full her life is at 97, and that she has so much to be grateful for! My hard work with Radical Writing was a
wonderful preparation for the colliding of all of my emotions this week. Thanks, Laura.

Marcia Saipe,

The past few days have been exceptionally emotional as I sat down to write. I have been in tears both days as I typed away at a keyboard that has never been a friend to my awkward fingers. I don't know why my heart has opened this way. Perhaps the accumulation of the course has broken down the walls I have built to protect myself, especially from the fear and pain of the past 4 years. The course became more than just an exercise in writing.

I sense and am hopeful that something good his happening.

Coney Island Guy 


MONDAY October 5th, 2015



I've noticed that the issue of time has come up often in this process for me. Limitations of time. Anxiety associated with time etc. I think one reason for this was the notion of the first bit of info I saw on your course - just 15 minutes a day. I thought, wow, surely I can find 15 minutes for something that could get below all my defenses and unlock my subconscious...I was expecting one brief prompt a day to send me into the depths. Yet now I understand how much more you are offering - your insight and guidance is deep and rich and yet here I am, stressed about time.

 Merrill Farnsworth
Nashville, TN, 2010


You are truly a great Cicerone of Culture and I’d rather read you than even the New Yorker. Now that’s high praise!! BTW, I really mean it.

Alexandria Pantera   

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