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Laura Cerwinske Introduces Newest Creative Writing Program Offered on

Creative Writer, Artist and Publisher, Laura Cerwinske adds “The Daily Compass” to the writing workshops offered on her website Radical Writing.

Miami, FL – July 14, 2014 - Following the success of her master’s class in creativity and writing, Radical Writing, Laura Cerwinske introduces THE DAILY COMPASS, the Internet’s simplest and fastest online program in Creative Power Building. In this creative writing forum, Laura offers a daily phrase crafted to prompt the imagination and liberate self-expression in 5-minutes-a-day or less. Participation requires no previous writing experience or expertise whatsoever.

The results of the brief daily writing are expressive fluidity and growing ease of self-reflection. Creative thought and action become more spontaneous. Writers find they can give shape to their ideas and voice to their thoughts and feelings without hesitation or self-censorship.

The anonymous posting of participants’ writing creates a community of shared insight. Because no one is identified except by screen name, writers experience the liberation of publicly expressing themselves in a safe forum. The contrasts and compassion are deeply transforming.

“I never thought of myself as a creative writer, but signed up for this course and have found that I actually can be,” Brenda Sigurdson, a participant commented. “I love to read and write on the daily phrase. It prompts me to see differently.” To sign up for The Daily Compass or to find out more about the writing courses and lessons Laura offers, visit

Radical Writing Announces Tele-Seminar with Susun Weed and Laura Cerwinske to Discuss Laura’s New Online Personal Growth Course on the Mother/Daughter Relationship

World-renowned teacher of Women’s Wisdom Susun Weed will interview Radical Writing’s founder Laura Cerwinske on her new online course, Recomposing the Mother/Daughter Bond, in a tele-seminar to air May 8th, 2014

Miami, Florida – April 30, 2014 - Susun Weed will be interviewing Laura Cerwinske Founder of Radical Writing on May 8th at 9:30 p.m. The interview will address the depth and intricacies of the mother/daughter bond and the online personal growth course Laura has developed on the subject. The seminar can be accessed at:

“For most of my life, my relationship with my mother could only be described as adversarial, a damaging cycle of competition, criticism, and conflict. Having once attended a course taught by the world-renowned teacher of Women’s Wisdom, Susun Weed, I was able to draw Weed’s knowledge into my own writing process,” commented Cerwinske. “The transformation has improved and advanced every aspect of my life – physically, emotionally, even professionally,” she describes. “Today my mother is my dependable radiance. Every word we share is an expression of appreciation.”

RECOMPOSING THE MOTHER-DAUGHTER BOND or How I Survived My Mother and Lived to Teach the Tale and Love Her is offered through the Wise Woman University. “The great success of this deeply personal program comes from practicing the art of non-judgmental observation as the instrument of re-composition,” Laura explains. “You will neutralize fear or unease and thereby safely release old patterns of thought and behavior. Even if the mother/daughter is not physically a part of your life or has passed away, the bond remains energetically/ psychologically at play. By deepening that bond, you will be rewarded with unanticipated love.”

Laura uses the same technique she teaches in Radical Writing, her creative writing online course in personal development. A transformational creative writing forum, it draws upon the imagination to propel uninhibited self-expression. The self-exploration process works in the same way as icon painting, totem making, and other forms of religious art: by engaging and focusing the conscious and subconscious activities of the mind. The online writing program integrates writing, drawing, movement, and touch. It requires no previous writing experience or expertise whatsoever. Students have the opportunity to speak with Laura directly as part of her weekly online Radical Writing conference call ( and through the Wise Woman University course website - RECOMPOSING THE MOTHER-DAUGHTER BOND and/or

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