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MONDAY October 5th, 2015

Each Part of Radical Writing is five days per week for four weeks. To enroll in a class or group of classes, just click one of the Add to Cart buttons below. You will need to create a Radical Writing user account when registering. If you already have one, please be sure to log in first.

Radical Writing Part I

Awareness Training

You will learn the Power of Your Story along with the Six Classic Principles of Transformation. You will discover unrealized meaning in your words, deeds, and memories as well as the quantum ability to bring about manifestation through observation.

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Radical Writing Part II

Healing and Spirituality 

You will recognize how your untold stories direct your life and how imagination works as a healing tool. You can explore subconscious causes of chronic problems and learn how to alleviate the effects of patterns of thought and behavior. (Part I is a prerequisite.)

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Radical Writing Part III

Art, Passion and Creativity 

You will experience the power of incantation and realize the artist as healer. You will recreate your stories as you might see them in painting, literature, drama, poetry, dance, music, and film. (Part I is a prerequisite.)

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Discounted Packages

Radical Writing Parts I & II

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Radical Writing Parts I & III

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Radical Writing Parts II & III

(Part I is a prerequisite.)

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Radical Writing: Parts I, II & III

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The Daily Compass


365 Phrases to Prompt Your Imagination, Liberate Your Self-Expression, and Explore Your Subconscious in 5-minutes or One-Page-a-Day

THE DAILY COMPASS, which is offered both online and in book form, also relies on the stream-of-consciousness RADICAL WRITING technique. It provides a thought/phrase each day designed to prompt access to the subconscious. Fee is for a full year subscription.

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Crisis Class

Dealing with Crisis and An Age of Tumultuous Change


As catalysts of spiritual growth, crises bring us the power to transcend fear. Crisis galvanizes attention. By destroying our perceived equilibrium, by disrupting our accustomed scenery, by ripping apart the accepted, day-to-day plotline of our personal stories, crisis insists on the exercise of spiritual muscle. By propelling shifts in our perspective, it offers new insight and meaning – the most potent antidotes to terror or grief. Crisis creates potent opportunities for re-viewing our lives and for restoring our power by rewriting our stories. (Read the full course description.)

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RECOMPOSING THE MOTHER/DAUGHTER BOND, which is offered through the Wise Woman University, is designed for those who desire to recompose the energetic/emotional field that defines their mother/daughter relationship, even if the mother/daughter is at a distance or has passed away. Students practice the art of non- judgmental observation as the instrument of re-composition, neutralizing fear or unease and thereby safely releasing old patterns of thought and behavior.




Special group rates are available for your class, association, company, or circle of friends. For a quotation, just use the contact form to let us know how many people you would like to enroll.


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